Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Insurance Requirements

The Exhibitor Appointed Contractor shall provide SIGGRAPH Exhibition Management with a Certificate of Liability Insurance as evidence of coverage on the amounts required as indicated below. Only an original certificate bearing an original signature will be accepted. The purpose for obtaining these certificates is to provide the show, and its insurer, with the information necessary to evaluate the risk potential.

Workers Compensation & Employers Liability:
Workers Compensation in accordance with the Laws of the State of California.
Employers Liability
$500,000……...Bodily Injury by Accident-Each Accident
$500,000……..Bodily Injury by Disease-Each Employee
$500,000……..Bodily Injury By Disease-Policy Limit

General Liability:
$2,000,000…..General Aggregate
$1,000,000…..Products & Completed Operations Aggregate
$1,000,000…..Personal & Advertising Injury
$1,000,000…..Each Occurrence

The following entities must be named to the General Liability as Additional Insureds:
ACM (Owner)
SIGGRAPH 2010 (Show)
Hall-Erickson, Inc. (Exhibition Manager)
Freeman Decorating Company (Official Contractor)
Los Angeles Convention Center (Venue)
Coverage provided to the Additional Insureds shall be on a primary basis.

Automobile Liability:
$1,000,000…Combined Single Limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage

Hall-Erickson, Inc. must be notified 30 days in advance of any change or cancellation of the above listed policies. The policies must be issued by an insurance company admitted to do business in California with an A.M. Best Rating of A- or higher. In addition, these insurance requirements shall not limit the amount a contractor or insurance company may be found responsible for.

Download the Notice of Intent to Use Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Form

Please forward a valid Certificate of Insurance by 25 June 2010, to:

Hall-Erickson, Inc.
SIGGRAPH 2010 EAC Department
98 East Chicago Avenue, Suite 201
Westmont, Illinois 60559 USA
pmcquality (at) heiexpo.com

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