Media Registration

Media Registration Requirements
Each organization is limited to five media representatives, except university publications, which are limited to one. If there are multiple registrants for an organization, each media registrant must establish an online registration account and submit a separate registration.

Please Note: Even if you have qualified for a SIGGRAPH media badge in the past, you must re-qualify for SIGGRAPH 2010.

The deadline for advance media registration is Thursday, 25 June. Those who register after 25 June may not be included on the media list sent to exhibitors.

After we receive your online submission and supporting documentation, your information will be reviewed. If you are approved for SIGGRAPH 2010 media registration, a written confirmation will be sent to you via email. Your confirmation WILL NOT include your media badge. You must have a photo ID to pick-up your media badge in person at the Media Headquarters Office at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

A separate credential for use of cameras or video equipment must be obtained by completing the Audio-Visual Agreement when you pick-up your media badge at SIGGRAPH 2010.

When you complete the media registration online submission form, you will be asked to select the type of organization that you will be representing at SIGGRAPH 2010. You must provide the supporting documentation for that type of organization before your request for media registration will be approved. Those requesting media registration must be currently employed by a publication or news organization. Account representatives, sales executives, book authors, and engineers do not meet the criteria for media registration.

Business and Trade Publications/News Wire Services

Reporters and editors from magazines, newspapers, trade publications, and wire services must provide a business card and a current masthead that includes their name. Contributing editors and reporters must verify they have been retained to cover SIGGRAPH 2010 by presenting an original letter of assignment.

Television and Radio

Broadcast reporters and producers from news organizations must provide a business card and an original letter of assignment.


Analysts must provide a business card from a recognized analyst firm and one bylined article from the past six months.

Freelance Writers

Freelance writers must provide at least one bylined article published within the last six months and must verify they have been retained to cover SIGGRAPH 2010 by presenting an original letter of assignment. Those who freelance occasionally and are employed by non-news organizations are not eligible for media registration.

Online Publications

Reporters from online publications must provide a business card, at least two bylined articles printed from their web site, and an original letter of assignment. The site must contain editorial content and cover the computer graphics industry. Personal web pages and blogs will not be accepted.

University Publications

University publication reporters must provide at least two bylined articles published within the last six months and must verify they have been retained to cover SIGGRAPH 2010 by presenting an original letter of assignment from the university. University publications are limited to one media representative.

Media Badge: What It Entitles You To

Media badge holders are entitled admission to:

Art & Design Galleries
Awards Presentation
Birds of a Feather
Computer Animation Festival
Emerging Technologies
Exhibitor Tech Talks
Featured Speakers
International Resources
Job Fair
Papers: Technical, Art, Games, and Transactions on Graphics
The Studio

Please Note: Full Conference attendees have first option on technical program seating.

Media Badge: What It Does Not Entitle You To

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Conference Proceedings Special Issue)
Full Conference DVD-ROM
Leonardo, the Journal of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology (ISAST) (Special Issue)
SIGGRAPH Video Review

If you have any questions about the media registration requirements, please contact Marcia Daudelin: +1.312.673.4818

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