This new program celebrates excellence in computer graphics by showcasing images and short animations of extraordinary power and beauty.

SIGGRAPH 2010 invites you to submit a short (60-90 seconds) animation of recent work - from the last 18 months - whether professional, personal, student work, or anything.

The work might be:

  • For film: A turnaround of a model or shader
  • For film: A final animation, FX, or lighting shot
  • For games: A game character or level design
  • For games: A killer cinematic
  • For visualization: Elucidating a biological or physical process
  • For visualization: Turning numerical data into visuals
  • Or anything in between

SIGGRAPH Dailies! is a presentation format. You will need to get on stage and talk about your work. We've created two examples, one from FX and one for cloth tailoring/simulation. These are mockups of what SIGGRAPH Dailies! will look like. The actual submission is the material playing in the background, and the text of your comments. (In other words, don't film yourself giving the talk.)

But anything is welcome -- as long as it's great

The only criteria are mind-blowing excellence and interesting backstory:

  • Excellence: We want the best thing you've done all year. Never mind whether it has the latest, greatest algorithm or will redefine techniques for future work. Ask only: will it blow your peers away?
  • Backstory: Did you re-tailor the wedding dress 51 times? Did you pull three consecutive all-nighters with a production assistant hovering over you? Did you throw out the design packet and do what you thought was best?

This type of material often cannot find a presentation program at SIGGRAPH. Starting with SIGGRAPH 2010, SIGGRAPH Dailies! is that program.

We'll schedule 50-60 of these into a one-hour SIGGRAPH Dailies! format, where you will have two minutes to get on stage, show your images, describe your work, and get off stage. The format will be very similar to Technical Papers Fast Forward, except there is no talk later in the week.

SIGGRAPH Dailies! will be scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, 6-8 pm. So pick a day (or even better, remain flexible to increase your chances), pick the best thing you've done all year, and submit! Your deadline is 6 May, the same as the Late-Breaking Talks deadline.

Note: Planning the SIGGRAPH Dailies! jury process is a challenge, because this is a new program, and we cannot anticipate the number of submissions. So for logistics reasons, we will close off the submission process after some number of entries (probably 600) are received. Please submit your work as early as possible!

And while you're at SIGGRAPH 2010, be sure to visit SIGGRAPH Dailies!. Finish your Panels and Courses, meet your friends, get an agenda, and watch (or present!) the very best of computer graphics in a fun, fast format.

Log in to the SIGGRAPH Information System, select "Begin a New Submission", and then select "create" for the SIGGRAPH Dailies! submission form. You will be asked for:

  • Basic information about your submission (page 1)
  • Permissions (page 2)
  • A presentation format (page 3). To submit to SIGGRAPH Dailies!, please select SIGGRAPH Dailies! as your presentation format.
  • You will then be taken to the forms specific to this presentation format.

Please see below for more information about required information and materials for this presentation format.

Your submission must include the following materials and information:

  • Basic submission information, including speaker names, affiliations, and contact information, as well as title of your work, and a single-sentence summary (50 words or fewer).
  • One "representative image" suitable for use in the conference web site and promotional materials. See Representative Image Guidelines.
  • Statement of permissions to use the submitted materials.
  • Submission categories and keywords to help ensure your submission is reviewed and juried appropriately.
  • Your presentation video: QuickTime or wmv, 720 horizontal res, up to 90 seconds, no sound.
  • Your presentation backstory or summary: one or two paragraphs of text, which we will read for jurying, and you will more or less read during the presentation.

Note: if you are at a studio or other organization and would like to arrange a batch submission (more than 20 individual entries), please contact SIGGRAPH Dailies! This will help us avoid server load on the online submission system at the last minute. Of course, everyone is welcome to submit individually through the online submission system, and all jurying will be independent of the submission process.

New requirement: All submitters must complete the Submission and Authorization Agreement (formerly the Acceptance Agreement) before the submission deadline. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed or accepted.

Educator’s Resources Submission option. Those submitting content to a SIGGRAPH conference have the option of donating materials of educational value to ACM SIGGRAPH online resources for the benefit of the education community. Learn more

For more information about uploading files for your submission, please see Uploading Files.

For additional submission information, please see Frequently Asked Questions.

Jurors are looking for mind-blowing craft and excellence in computer graphics. In addition, we will give strong weight to an interesting backstory (an impossible deadline, a late-night inspiration, an artistic argument, an unexpected romance, etc.)

We'll resolve close calls in favor of earlier submissions and material that would not otherwise be in the conference (for example, material already accepted as part of a talk might receive a lower score).

You may state a day preference for your presentation, but you increase your chances if you remain flexible.

We'll select 50 to 60 presentations for each day, depending on overall length. So we are looking for approximately 100 great pieces. For logistics reasons, we will close off the submission process after some number of entries (probably 600) are received.

Acceptance and rejection notification will be sent to submitters by early June.

We are looking for final materials in the submission. If your work is accepted, you will be able to update your basic submission information so that it can be included in the conference program and web site. But the presentation itself must be final upon submission.

If you wish to attend SIGGRAPH 2010, registration and travel costs are at your own expense, except for the contributor of record, who will receive recognition as specified in the SIGGRAPH 2010 Recognition Policy.

6 May

Submission deadline.

Mid- June


25-29 July

SIGGRAPH 2010, Los Angeles

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