Registration Information

Exhibitor Registration
The official registration contractor, Convention Data Services (CDS), will send you an email noting your account code and the information you need to register your personnel. Once you have the account code, you can register online.

The online registration system also gives you access to your registration information to make changes, cancellations, and additions during the months leading up to SIGGRAPH 2010. If you do not have your account code, or if you have other questions regarding exhibitor registration, please email: siggraph (at)

In-Booth Personnel Registration
Each exhibiting company is permitted to designate personnel to properly staff its exhibit. In-booth personnel do not include other company employees attending SIGGRAPH 2010 who do not have any direct relationship to staffing the booth. The quota established by SIGGRAPH 2010 for exhibitor booth personnel is six badges for each 100 square feet of exhibit space under contract.

In addition to the Exhibition, in-booth personnel can also attend:

Art Gallery
Birds of a Feather
Exhibitor Tech Talks
Featured Speakers
International Resources
Job Fair
Emerging Technologies
The Studio

Full Conference Registration
Each exhibiting company is entitled to a quota of Full Conference registrations. Full Conference registrants can attend the entire conference.

Full Conference registration quota formula for non-academic exhibitors:
Total square feet multiplied by .008 equals Full Conference quota. Numbers should be rounded to the nearest whole number. Example: 300 sq. ft. x .008 = 2.4.
In this example, the exhibitor would be entitled to two Full Conference registrations.

Academic exhibitors are entitled to one complimentary Full Conference Registration.

Registration Procedures
Exhibitors are urged to pre-register to avoid time-consuming registration lines and a $75 per-badge charge.

Exhibitors are requested to register online by 1 July. Badges will be mailed to the authorized individual noted after this date. Exhibitor badges can be exchanged at SIGGRAPH 2010 at the exhibitor registration desk. Exhibitors must turn in badges for those individuals who will not attend in order to receive replacement badges.

Exhibitor registration at SIGGRAPH 2010 will operate on a "print on demand" basis. Badges will only be distributed to the persons whose names are on the badges (identification required).

If exhibitors do not utilize complimentary registrations and pay for the Full Conference, no refund requests will be honored after 23 July. Also, there is a $US 75 processing fee for handling cancellations. Allow eight to 10 weeks for processing refunds.

Temporary Work Passes
Temporary work passes will be made available at the main entrance to the exhibit halls during the installation and dismantling periods.

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