Speaker Preparation Room

Room 510

All presenters should check in at the Speaker Preparation Room soon after they pick up their credentials at SIGGRAPH 2010 Speaker Registration. This is the time for you to confirm your AV and computer-equipment requirements, practice your presentation, and inquire about any additional presentation needs you may have while at the conference. We'll also have your speaker ribbon there.

Presentation Technology Available at SIGGRAPH 2010
Each session room at SIGGRAPH 2010 has a Macintosh and a PC equipped with a fast processor and plenty of RAM. These computers are interfaced to ultra-bright, high-resolution video/data projectors. If your presentation looks good on your monitor, it will look good on the SIGGRAPH 2010 projection screen.

Quick Check In
Notably different this year is the streamlined check-in process. There's no uploading files to a server, so your Speaker Preparation check in is smooth and fast. You'll be sitting at one of our practice workstations in no time.

File Management
Be sure to bring a memory stick or portable hard drive to transport your presentation to and from Speaker Preparation and your session room. Your presentation will be with you at all times.

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