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SIGGRAPH Production Communities include everyone who does CG for a living, whether at a big movie studio, a game company, or in a small one-person animation shop. Is that you? If so:

Welcome to SIGGRAPH 2010!

Our focus is on the "People Behind the Pixels". This means you, since many (if not most) pixels are produced professionally.

SIGGRAPH is justly proud of its role in delivering the best new and original ideas to the graphics community. But we are expanding that focus to include the following:

1. How great new ideas make their way into production.
Toward that end we are aggressively seeking Courses and Talks on how CG professionals construct pipelines, use off-the shelf software, create assets, finish shots, etc. We want this content to go beyond the latest algorithm or research, and get into the practical issues that confront CG professionals. We want SIGGRAPH 2010 to be the place where this process is described and shared.

2. The craft and artistry that the production community adds to these ideas.
If you are "in production", you've seen this a million times: talented CG artists use standard tools and techniques to create images of extraordinary power and beauty. And despite late nights, endless tweaks, and impossible deadlines, they maintain an infectious enthusiasm and spirit. We want the broader SIGGRAPH community to see this, too. We want SIGGRAPH 2010 to be the place where this work is presented and celebrated, where the spirit of a production review is captured.


We are inviting the SIGGRAPH community to submit short (60-90 seconds) animations of recent work (from the last 18 months), whether professional, personal, student work, or anything.

The work might be:

  • For film: A turnaround of a model or shader
  • For film: A final animation, FX, or lighting shot
  • For games: a game character or level design
  • For games: a killer cinematic
  • Or anything in between

The only criterion is mind-blowing excellence. Period. We want the best thing you've done all year, the best thing you've seen all year. Never mind whether it has the latest, greatest algorithm or will set the standard for future work. Ask only: does it blow you away? This type of material often cannot find a presentation program at SIGGRAPH. Starting with SIGGRAPH 2010, SIGGRAPH Dailies! is that program.

We'll schedule 60 of these into a two-hour SIGGRAPH Dailies! format, where the presenters will have two minutes each to loop their animations and describe their work. The format will be very similar to Technical Papers Fast Forward, except there is no talk later in the week.

SIGGRAPH Dailies! is where you can catch up on the state of the art - and craft - of computer graphics.

SIGGRAPH Dailies! is where you will be astounded by sheer excellence in modeling, shading, animation, lighting, effects, and more.

SIGGRAPH Dailies! is where you can participate in the vibrant production culture that surrounds presenting and reviewing work that was completed despite seemingly endless obstacles.

SIGGRAPH Dailies! will be scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, 6-8 pm. So after you finish your Panels and Courses, meet your friends, get an agenda, and watch (or present!) the very best of computer graphics in a fun, fast format.

Bill Polson
Director of Production Communities
Pixar Animation Studios

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