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Welcome to the art communities of SIGGRAPH 2010. The conference arts are comprised of four integrated elements: Art Papers and the special issue of Leonardo, The Journal of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology; the juried exhibiton (TouchPoint: The Haptic Exchange Between Digits); The Studio; and the Artist-in-Residence Program. It is ultimately an integrated program of art and design: people, events, and activities that contribute to the SIGGRAPH 2010 mission to explore, advance, and experience WONDER.

The conference arts will emphasize collaboration, integration, synthesis, and opportunities for cross-pollination in our engagement with music, Emerging Technologies, and Game Papers. It is our commitment to the “People Behind the Pixels”: the diversity of artists and designers, scientists, directors and producers, and attendees from enthusiasts to students to professionals.

A Sense of Wonder inspires the galleries and experiences available throughout SIGGRAPH 2010, where attendees can drop in anytime and experience new, stimulating work from world-class artists, researchers, and product designers. In many cases, the creators are available to demonstrate and/or discuss their work, so attendees have unique opportunities to meet and talk with the people who are re-shaping how we think about, play with, and use technology.

Galleries and experiences let you browse the work on your own schedule, at your own pace. When you find something that catches your interest, you'll find other people right there to discuss it so you can deepen your understanding and explore how to use your new inspiration in your own projects.

Matthew Hollern
2010 Conference Arts Director
Cleveland Institute of Art

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