Focus Education

Various aspects of the annual SIGGRAPH conference are particularly geared toward educators who teach computer graphics and those who use computer graphics in teaching. SIGGRAPH 2010 will showcase educational presentations that highlight unique learning practices and pedagogies, curricula and courses, and educational research projects. These presentations will place equal emphasis on sound quantitative or qualitative assessment.

To help educators support their travel requests, SIGGRAPH 2010 will deliver solid knowledge ROI. Whether you attend talks, courses, and panels or you choose to spend time in programs such as Emerging Technologies, the Art Gallery, The Studio, or the Exhibition, SIGGRAPH 2010 will provide a wealth of opportunities for educators from all levels to learn about the latest and greatest in computer graphics and interactive techniques. And you will make invaluable connections at the conference and through ACM SIGGRAPH’s Education Committee.

By meeting, engaging, and interacting with your colleagues from around the world, you are sure to benefit from the total SIGGRAPH 2010 experience.

James L. Mohler
SIGGRAPH 2010 Director for Education
Purdue University

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