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MONDAY, 26 JULY | 4:30 - 5:15 pm | West Hall B
TUESDAY, 27 JULY | 5:30 - 6:15 PM | West Hall B
WEDNESDAY, 28 JULY | 4:30 - 5:15 pm | West Hall B

The graphics capabilities and production values of games on hi-definition consoles and computers now rival those of television and film. This section of the Computer Animation Festival showcases the very best of video games and real-time simulations that push the boundaries of what users and viewers have come to expect.

To help emphasize the difference between these works and the pre-rendered works in the Screenings, real-time pieces are demonstrated live on their actual platforms. No post-production, just great interactive graphics demonstrated in real time. In addition, a selection of the selected projects will be available for attendees to try out in The Sandbox.

Agenda Circling Forth
A unique real-time demo that takes its inspiration from the impressionist painters but with an innovative modern twist: it builds animated 3D scenes entirely from particles. Every pixel truly is alive in this piece.

Matt Swoboda

Jani Isoranta

Real-time demonstration of novel glyph-based visualization techniques. One of the scenarios shows the "Big One" earthquake simulation highlighting effects on the Los Angeles region.

Amit Chourasia
Emmett Mcquinn
San Diego Supercomputer Center; University of California, San Diego

Bernard Minster
Scripps Institution of Oceanography; University of California, San Diego

Jurgen Schulze
California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology; University of California, San Diego

God of War III
God of War III is the latest entry in the successful God of War series and the first on Playstation 3. It combines epic set pieces with exquisite fine detail, and its visuals display both technical and creative virtuosity.

Kevin Brown
Sony Computer Entertainment

Making Love
This demo is an exploration of the world of the procedural one-man indie "MMO LOVE". The demo also showcases the tools used to create assets, like sketch-based modeling, 100% automatic UV mapping, shader and asset management tools, and the layer-based procedural texturing tool.

Eskil Steenberg
Quel Solaar

A real-time, realistic virtual Earth model and browser with physically based rendering and animation of terrain, ocean, atmosphere, and clouds, and seamless transitions from ground to space views.

Eric Bruneton

Fabrice Neyret

Nicolas Holzschuch

Real-Time Particle-Based Liquid Simulation on the GPU
A state-of-the-art particle-based fluid simulation running entirely on the GPU and displayed using a novel screen-space surface rendering technique that includes caustics. The demo simulates and renders 128,000 particles at more than 60 frames per second.

Simon Green
NVIDIA Corporation

Rouslan Dimitrov
Imperial College, London

Miguel Sainz
NVIDIA Corporation

Supersonic Sled
The NVIDIA Supersonic Sled is a full physics simulation of a mechanical assembly subjected to heavy loads. Using PhysX, CUDA, and DirectX 11, this demonstration applies real-time simulation and graphics techniques to produce a realistic and exhilarating experience of driving a powerful machine on the edge of control.

Mark Swain
NVIDIA Corporation

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