2010 Conference Newsletter | May Issue

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Emerging Technologies: A Glimpse into the Future

Emerging Technologies at SIGGRAPH 2010 presents innovations across a broad range of applications, including displays, robotics, input interfaces, vision technologies, and interactive techniques.

All the demos are available for attendees to try out and discuss with the creators.

"We are constantly trying to close the gaps between human ideas and activities, as well as the current and future configurations of technology," said Preston J. Smith, SIGGRAPH 2010 Emerging Technologies Chair from Laureate Institute for Brain Research. "Emerging Technologies is an especially engaging experience in that it allows the attendees a true hands-on encounter with emerging technology demonstrations, and even peeks into future possibilities."

Experience all 22 Emerging Technologies.

Image Credit: Meta Cookie © The University of Tokyo, Takuji Narumi

Art Papers Highlight Future Trends in Art and Technology

Art Papers present excellent ideas in accessible ways. They inform artistic disciplines, set standards, and stimulate future trends. The papers are published in a special issue of Leonardo, The Journal of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology, which coincides with SIGGRAPH 2010.

"In 2010, SIGGRAPH continues its commitment to and recognition of the community of artists, designers, and scholars who work at the intersection of art, design, computer graphics, and interactive techniques," said Lira Nikolovska, SIGGRAPH 2010 Art Papers Chair from Autodesk, Inc. "Our goal is to continue elevating the quality of art and art research presented at the annual SIGGRAPH conference, and set standards for other art publications while fitting the selected works within the overall conference themes."

A total of 36 submissions were reviewed by a distinguished panel of 25 jurors, and six papers were selected for presentation at SIGGRAPH 2010 under the two broad themes of Design Computation and Information Aesthetics. Here are a few of the highlights:

Design and Computation: Process, Product, Play
Session Chair: Joanna Berzowska, Concordia University

The Immediacy of the Artist's Mark in Shape Computation
Jacquelyn Martino, IBM Watson Research Center
This paper describes a computational system in the form of a curvilinear, parametric shape grammar. Based on an analysis of her traditionally hand-drawn sketchbook entries, the artist-author presents a first-person account of developing a grammar to synthesize drawings in the design language of her evolving style.

Information Aesthetics
Session Chair: Victoria Szabo, Duke University

Touching Space: Using Motion Capture and Stereo Projection to Create a "Virtual Haptics" of Dance
Kim Vincs, Deakin University, and John McCormick, Deakin University
This project presents a vision of interactive dance performance that "touches" space with the intentionality and agency of kinematics, and suggests the possibility of new kinds of human-computer interfaces that emphasize touch as embodied, nuanced agency rather than as task-based gestures such as pointing or clicking.

View all Art Papers.

Image Credits: Dancer: Lisa Bolte, Choreography: Kim Vincs, Interactive Environment: John McCormick, Stereo Projection System: John McCormick & Daniel Skovli, Deakin Motion.Lab, Performance: 'Aura', Kim Vincs & John McCormick, Deakin Motion.Lab, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, November, 2009, Copyright © James Lauritz Photography.

Technical Papers: Leading Researchers Present Insights

Watch the next wave emerge, as the world’s leading researchers present the discoveries and insights that will create the next generation of digital entertainment, science, and industry. Gain even more insight with detailed descriptions of all of this year’s Technical Papers.

Image Credit: Live Space Gathering © 2010 Microsoft, Xin Sun

SIGGRAPH Exhibition: All the Innovation and Solutions You Need Under One Roof

The SIGGRAPH Exhibition is an annual forum for showcasing the future of computer graphics and interactive techniques technology. It attracts the top organizations from the entire globe across all aspects of the industry, and this year will have more than 40 new exhibitors compared to the last time we were in Los Angeles in 2008.

If you’re looking to gain a competitive advantage over your peers, then you should plan to spend time at the SIGGRAPH 2010 Exhibition. You’ll see the latest products and services as well as the top studios looking to recruit industry talent. Meet with potential new vendors and reconnect with the organizations you currently do business with to ensure you are working with the best the industry has to offer.

View the latest list of SIGGRAPH 2010 Exhibitors.

For more information on both exhibiting and sponsoring at SIGGRAPH 2010, please contact Exhibition Management.

SIGGRAPH 2010 Computer Animation Festival Trailer

Get a sneak peek of the best in computer animation and visual effects by viewing the trailer.

Early Registration Deadline: 4 June 2010

Be sure to register on or before 4 June for SIGGRAPH 2010 and save up to $275! SIGGRAPH 2010 has negotiated great discounts available to conference attendees only.

Visit the SIGGRAPH Travel & Housing page for a list of participating hotels in Los Angeles. Discounted rates can only be guaranteed until 25 June 2010. Reservations made after 25 June will be based on availability only, and rates may increase. To use the complimentary shuttle service, you must make your hotel reservation through the official housing company onPeak. Hotels are already booking up quickly. For complete details on booking your accommodations in Los Angeles, visit the SIGGRAPH 2010 Travel & Housing page.

Explore the City of Angels during SIGGRAPH 2010

While staying in Los Angeles for SIGGRAPH 2010, take in the sights of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Beach, and more. Downtown Los Angeles’ historic districts, restaurants, clubs, and cultural institutions are all within an easy walk or short cab ride of the SIGGRAPH 2010 hotels. And stop by L.A. Live, downtown’s new sports, dining, and entertainment hub with 20 restaurants, bowling, a 14-screen cinema. Explore everything Los Angeles has to offer.

Call for SIGGRAPH 2013 Conference Chair

SIGGRAPH is seeking applications for the SIGGRAPH 2013 Conference Chair position; subsequent year applications may also be considered.

This person leads and inspires a highly energized, multi-talented, and deeply committed team of volunteers and professional service contractors to plan and produce the conference and exhibition.

The Conference Chair will work closely with the SIGGRAPH Chief Staff Executive, the Conference Advisory Group, the professional service contractors, and the volunteer program chairs over approximately a four-year period. In addition to overseeing the conference, the Conference Chair serves in an advisory capacity to the SIGGRAPH organization.

Apply for the position online by 1 September 2010.

Make Your Vote Count in ACM Elections

This year ACM SIGGRAPH is electing three directors at large to its executive committee. If you are an ACM SIGGRAPH member, please vote by 12:00 noon EDT on Friday, 4 June! We are a volunteer organization and every vote is important. You should have received an email in early April giving you complete voting instructions. You need to provide your ACM membership number to access the site. If you need help retrieving your membership number, please contact the ACM Member Services help desk. If you need help voting, please contact Election Services, indicating your ACM member number, at the following toll free number (within the US & Canada): 1-866-720-4357 or acmsighelp@electionservicecorp.com.

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